David Zennie, CEO and founder of Disruptive, and David Beckham on set in London.

At the intersection of innovation, impact, and opportunity, Disruptive and Disruptive World take on all things metaverse and NFT while founder David Zennie embraces impact-driven policy
Disruptive News
August 3, 2022

“These days it is impossible to ignore the increasing number of brands and celebrities that are being drawn into the world of blockchain and Web3”, says Disruptive founder and CEO David Zennie.

He explains: “Web3 and the metaverse have the potential to empower new communities at scale while blockchain based digital assets are proving to be very powerful tools. You begin to find a very special and important blend when you add impact into the mix.”

Offering a transformational journey

Award-winning content creator and production house Disruptive is transforming as they adopt new strategies and embrace Web3 integration into their company’s profile. Evolving their DNA while building out their financial flow systems along the way that implements impact-driven models. Their world-class reputation has garnered the trust of industry leaders and has attracted both corporates and celebrities.

This has led to the establishment of its parallel company, Disruptive World, a strategic advisory firm with a passion for purpose. “The two companies work together seamlessly to offer a full solution and award-winning results to all stakeholders. We aim to guide our partners and clients through an educational, transformative, and purpose driven journey into the new world of blockchain and Web3,” he explains.

To get industries metaverse ready, the Disruptive and Disruptive World teams are not only producing NFTs, but also crafting metaverse campaigns and designing Web3 models, while providing educational training for clients.

“The first step to industry readiness is education. At Disruptive World we have designed a comprehensive course for C-Level executives, marketing, and agency professionals who want to unlock the potential of this essential ecosystem.”

The course can be booked directly online at www.disruptiveworld.io

Robust collaborations across industries

Disruptive World is currently collaborating with prominent organisations across multiple industries and several layer 1 blockchains, offering its strategic advisement, metaverse/NFT campaign strategy, as well as an educational programme that is transforming businesses for the future.

On the creative and production side, Disruptive sees a client list that spans across the entertainment sector with productions featuring Arabic superstars including Hussain Al Jasmi, Rashed Al Majid, and Maya Diab; international artists such as French Montana, Fat Joe, and Sean Paul as well as Bollywood’s Guru Randawah, Honey Singh, and Akshay Kumar.

Disruptive’s corporate list includes Expo 2020 UAE Pavilion, Special Olympics, Dubai Tourism, Swarovski, Apple, W Motors, Jetex, and over 40 productions for the telecoms giant Etisalat. Their latest production stars sports legend David Beckham stepping into the metaverse.

To view Disruptive’s award winning productions you can visit: www.disruptive.ae

The UAE fosters innovation

Dubai is set to become a global metaverse economy, Zennie points out, as the plan set forward by the UAE leadership aims to attract over 1,000 blockchain and metaverse companies to the country, a move that supports over 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030.

This has positioned Disruptive and Disruptive World as the prime example of how real-world success drivers gain momentum in the metaverse and other virtual worlds while aligning with impact partners.

Zennie adds: “As businesses transform, there is unlimited potential for the corporate world to do good. There is more than enough room to make a profit while also driving impact. I see big potential for exchanges and digital commerce to lead the way here and the metaverse is serving as a multi-stakeholder arena that showcases new thought and opportunity. One that suggests the point of sale is not where a relationship between producer and consumer ends but rather where it begins.”

Purpose-driven virtual event

The evolution for Disruptive is further benchmarked by a purpose driven virtual event: Mind Matters: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body. The virtual event encourages the physical and mental health of film and advertising professionals and will take place on October 8, 2022, in a ramp up to World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

In an industry-first approach, Mind Matters rolls profit redistribution and allocations of sponsorship towards impact and wellness for fellow peers as they navigate the high demands and complexities of the advertising industry.

Mind Matters invites all film and advertising professionals, including all those interested in learning about mental wellness regardless of industry.

The team welcomes you learn more at: www.mindmattersdxb.io

Purpose-driven initiatives

To align with the current/future market trends and technological advancements, Disruptive and Disruptive World have adopted strategies in full support of industry strength in the UAE and look forward to preparing all interested partners as they evolve.

By creating industry-ready opportunities aligned with purpose-driven initiatives, those in the Disruptive World portfolio will have an enduring impact in new digital markets not only attracting brands onto the blockchain but providing ad agencies and organisations cutting-edge opportunities to become industry leaders.

In conclusion, Zennie adds, “We look forward to working closely with more allied partners this year and encourage interested clients, teams, and agencies to contact us to reimagine what’s possible for their position in this emerging industry and their opportunity for impact to the world.”