How Disruptive is leading industry readiness for the metaverse and beyond

What happens at the intersection of innovation, impact and opportunity? Disruptive and Disruptive World take on all things metaverse and NFT while brand evolution and impact driven policy take precedence
Disruptive News
August 29, 2022

hese days we are coming across a plethora of brands and celebrities being attracted to the world of blockchain and Web3. The metaverse is here to stay and NFTs coupled with utility are proving to be a powerful tool. Blockchain-based digital assets are empowering new communities at scale and Web3 is deepening the conversation and relationship between the producer and consumer. Along the way, companies are evolving as they begin their journey into this new world and marketplace.

The award-winning content creator and production house, Disruptive is transforming as they adopt new strategies and embrace Web3 integration into their company’s profile. Evolving their DNA while building out their financial flow systems along the way that implements impact-driven models. Their world class reputation has gained trust and acclaim from industry leaders attracting the likes of David Beckham, Floyd Mayweather, Etisalat, Expo 2020, among others.

A screenshot from Disruptive’s Showreel.

Disruptive’s new approach as a visionary company and global trend setter is here with the establishment of its parallel company Disruptive World, which serves as a strategic impact advisory firm bringing a full solution approach to their clients.

These two companies work strategically and seamlessly together to offer award-winning results to all stakeholders as they guide their partners and clients through an educational and transformative journey into the brave new world of blockchain and Web3.

Screenshot for an upcoming commercial with Italian football legend Francesco Totti exemplifying the physical world alongside a holographic wolf from the digital world.

The teams at Disruptive and Disruptive World are getting the ad industry metaverse-ready by not only adding NFTs and crafting metaverse campaigns but also designing Web3 models.  The group realises that the first step to industry-readiness is education and with that in mind, a comprehensive training course has been designed by Disruptive World for C-level executives, marketing and agency professionals who want to learn more about this emerging ecosystem. A consultation or full training program can be booked directly online at: www.disruptive.ae or www.disruptiveworld.io.

Disruptive World is currently partnered with multiple prominent organizations across several industries bringing forward its educational program, strategic advisement, and metaverse / NFT campaign strategy that transform businesses for the future. Currently, the group is working with the private sector, layer 1 blockchain, celebrities, as well as blockchain-native projects including NFT and metaverse projects.

With the support of Disruptive’s expertise on creative and production, this evolutionary approach provides a full 360-degree solution which places the needs of clients and agencies at the very heart of it. This multidisciplinary approach begins with a comprehensive discovery phase by Disruptive World that provides insight into data used to set the primary and secondary objectives of the said project or organization and ultimately evaluates and qualifies business opportunities to determine the priority, size and feasibility of projects to be executed.

Screenshot of Hussain Al Jasmi performing in a Disruptive production for the 2019 Abu Dhabi Special Olympics official anthem.

Many big tech giants, including Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Apple have already taken the leap into the metaverse. Currently, Dubai is well on track to becoming one of the world’s top metaverse economies. The intentions set forward by the UAE leadership to attract more than 1000 block chain companies into metaverse and to the country will also support an additional 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030. The UAE‘s efforts to provide innovative solutions that positively impact people’s lives continues to transform the city into one of the smartest hubs worldwide. This offers new economic opportunities while becoming a global leader in reimagining commerce and impact. This has positioned Disruptive and Disruptive World at the tip of some of the top executive and industry leaders’ tongues as one of the premier showcase examples of how real-world success drivers can gain momentum in the metaverse and other virtual worlds while aligning with impact partners to offer a comprehensive, (some 200k) verified charities into the conversation.

American Lebanese, Founder and CEO, David Zennie said, “As businesses transform, there is unlimited potential for the corporate world to do good. There is more than enough room to make a profit while also driving impact. I see big potential for exchanges and digital commerce to lead the way here and the metaverse is serving as a multi-stakeholder arena that showcases new thought and opportunity.  One that suggests the point of sale is not where a relationship between producer and consumer ends but rather where it begins.”

Disruptive and Disruptive World’s goal is clear, to prepare partners and brand agencies for migration into Web3 while offering the attention to detail and quality they are known for that continues to reign supreme worldwide as they continue to ignite the spirit of imagination and possibility. The group recognizes the need to implement and execute initiatives that are intrinsic to operations and ethically define motivating factors behind the success of evolving sound business practices of today’s world.

The evolution for Disruptive is further benchmarked by showcasing their virtual event: Mind Matters: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body. The event encourages the physical and mental health of film and advertising professionals, this is a one-of-a-kind virtual event that will take place on October 8, 2022 in a ramp up to World Mental Health Day on October 10th. The event will not only be a gift to the industry, but also showcases the impact solution for their client list. This event caters specifically to film and advertising professionals and offers a robust program moderated by industry and health experts. Similar initiatives will be offered on a periodic basis and will continue to be offered free of charge to attend. The purpose of this and such events is to support an industry-first approach. Mind Matters rolls profit re-distribution and allocations of sponsorship towards impact and wellness for fellow peers as they navigate high demands and complexities of the advertising industry. Mind Matters invites all film and advertising professionals, as well as client leadership and teams.

Anyone who is interested in learning about mental wellness regardless of the industry they belong to, is also encouraged to attend. To find out more, Disruptive welcomes you to sign up at: www.mindmattersdxb.io As you dive deeper into Disruptive’s client-list you see an eclectic mix that extends across the entertainment sector with productions featuring Arabic superstars such as Hussain Al Jasmi, Rashed Al Majid, and Maya Diab, international artist such as French Montana, Fat Joe, and Sean Paul, as well as Bollywood’s Guru Randawah, Atif Aslam, Honey Singh and Akshay Kumar.

Disruptive’s corporate list sees the likes of Etisalat and Etisalat Digital, EXPO 2020 UAE Pavilion, Special Olympics, Dubai Tourism, Mountain Dew, Lays, Swarovski, Apple, W-Motors, Jetex, and Cartoon Network, amongst others. The company has been recognised at an international scale, gaining trust and interest from industry leaders for their exceptional projects and dedicated service.

This past year, Disruptive alongside partner Sixime Son successfully completed the sonic rebranding of Etisalat which since has been heard by millions to date.  The sonic campaign was awarded the Silver at the Middle East Transformational Awards. This marks a key milestone for Disruptive which has completed over 40 productions for the telecom giant thus far consisting of adverts, photoshoots, documentaries and animated content.

The work will continue to be a staple moving forward for Disruptive and with the rise of local talent in the industry emerging to the spotlight, Disruptive has identified a gap in the market for talent development. This gap is bridged by providing the necessary support to local talent, directors, cinematographers, photographers, and digital artists to build out their reach to international markets. In the bold move to align with the current / future market trends and technological advancements, Disruptive has adopted these strategies in full support of industry strength of the film and advertising industry in the UAE. The firm looks forward to preparing all interested partners, advertising agencies and clients as they evolve with the 21st century. By creating industry-ready opportunities aligned with purpose-driven initiatives, those in the Disruptive and Disruptive World portfolio will have a lasting effect in new digital markets that not only bring brands onto the blockchain ecosystem but also provide agencies a cutting-edge opportunity to become industry leaders.

In conclusion, Zennie adds, “We look forward to working closely with more allied partners this year and encourage interested clients, teams, and agencies to contact us to reimagine what’s possible for their position in this emerging industry and their opportunity for impact to the world.”